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中乐彩网址:Open my world: Who’s who at NTA

July 17, 2018

This week in our “Open my world” segment, we take a trip to Reno, New York City, and Detroit to introduce tour product on all sides of the United States. These partners—and so many more—will be in Milwaukee this November to promote their diverse product options at Travel Exchange ’18.

Reno Tahoe
Reno, Nevada
NTA contact: Jamie Lokan

Reno Tahoe is a four-season resort destination in a spectacular natural setting, where America’s largest alpine lake meets The Biggest Little City in the World. Here, genuine Western heritage and hospitality blend with an offering of world-class attractions, outdoor adventure and an annual calendar of cultural, culinary and sporting events. With 300 days of sunshine each year, Reno Tahoe blends luxurious hotels and spas with award-winning breweries and eclectic entertainment.

The Watson Hotel
New York, New York
NTA contact: Joseph Rodriguez

An accessible location in New York City’s Midtown west offers 596 spacious rooms that feature 40-inch TVs, Keurig and free Wi-Fi. A full-service restaurant, lounge and fitness center on-site, and guests enjoy the wide hotel front for easy access for coach loading and unloading. Central Park, Columbus Circle, Time Warner Center, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Music Hall, Time Square are all within 10-15 minutes walking distance. Large lobby area for special group check-in, too

Detroit Metro CVB
Detroit, Michigan
NTA contact: Kalynne Defever

This 300-year-old city has made international headlines as America’s great story and now it’s GO time. New restaurants, entertainment districts, retailers and businesses are mixing with generations-old mainstays to create a fresh new travel experience. Check out the impressive list of museums and historical sites that student and adult groups. Please call or email for more information about Detroit or meet with Kalynne at Travel Exchange ’18 in Milwaukee!


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