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乐彩网大乐透历史开奖信息:Board of Directors

NTA is governed by a 17-member volunteer board of directors, which is advised by volunteer NTA is based in North America, but its industry and its membership spans the globe. Interested in a leader?

The board governs. NTA president & staff manages.?



DMO Directors

Tour Supplier Directors

Director at Large

  • Past Presidents

    2017: Jay Smith
    2016: Justin Osbon
    2015: Jorge Cazenave
    2014: Paul Nakamoto
    2013: Mark Hoffmann, CTP
    2012: Jim Reddekopp, Jr.
    2010-11:?Catherine Greteman
    2009: Michele Michalewicz, CTP
    2008: Bob Hoelscher, CTP
    2007: Randy Julian
    2006: Judith Thomas, CTP
    2005: Ann Thomas, CTP
    2004: Mitchell Sussman, CTP
    2003: Charlie McIlvain, CTP
    2002: Kathy LeTarte, CTP
    2001: Ed Dresel
    2000: Mark Hoffmann, CTP
    1999: Robert Brennan, CTP
    1998: Keith Griffall, CTP
    1997: Janice McIlwain
    1996: Robert Everidge
    1995: Gerald B. “Jerry” DiPietro
    1994: S. Burkett “Doc” Milner, CTP
    1993: Dottie Maitland, CTP
    1992: John P. Stachnik Sr., CTP, CTC
    1991: Thomas R. Frenkel, CTP
    1990: George Guenther, CTP
    1989: Dan Dipert
    1988: Pete Anderson, CTP
    1987: David V. Lippincott, CTP
    1986: Francis “MIkie” Wall, CTP
    1985: Lois Anderson
    1984: Harold E. Mishnick, Sr.
    1983: R. Bruce Beckham, CTP
    1981-82: William Grossman
    1979-80: Earl L. Harmon
    1977-78: Lynn B. “Spike” Herzig
    1975-76: Edwin Bortner
    1973-74: Joseph A. Casser
    1971-72: Mary H. Lee
    1969-70: Maurice P. Hughes
    1967-68: Aurthur C. Tauck Jr.
    1965-66: Robert L. McMullen
    1963-64: Stanley A. Parker
    1961-62: Arnold C. Rigby
    1958-60: George S. Talmage
    1951-57: Robert H. Shattuck

  • Leadership Requirements

    Members are chosen for based on several criteria. Here is a sampling of guidelines used in the selection process:

    • Representation of different basic types of members is essential. A variety of tour operator, tour supplier and DMO, geographic diversity, and mix from the large, medium and small provide a good balance. Different viewpoints are important in achieving a well-balanced group.
    • A member’s role within his/her or organization is considered.
    • Retention of selected past volunteer leaders is valuable to ensure continuity.
    • Appointment of new members ensures fresh ideas and perspectives. It is NTA’s goal to avoid over-taxing those who have made a contribution over a period of time.
  • President Bio

    Pam-InmanPam Inman, CTP, CAE, IOM
    President, National Tour Association

    Pam Inman, CTP, is president of the National Tour Association, a member-based organization of travel professionals who serve the North American market—to, from and within the continent. The membership of NTA, founded in 1951, tour operators, destination marketing representatives and tour suppliers (hotels, attractions, restaurants and transportation from North America and 40 countries worldwide. Inman oversees the NTA headquarters staff in Lexington, Ky., and guides the association’s strategic direction.

    Prior to taking the helm at NTA in September 2014, Inman was executive vice president and COO for the American Hotel & Lodging Association. In this position, Inman worked with the association’s partner state associations, corporations and multiunit management to develop programs to solicit and retain members, as well as develop strategies for retaining and growing property, allied, international, student, and faculty membership. In addition, Inman worked with the business development division to create revenue streams and value-added membership services, as well as overseeing the association’s marketing/ and conventions/events functions.

    Before joining the AH&LA staff in 2004, Inman served as president and CEO of the Tennessee Hotel & Lodging Association and the Greater Nashville Hotel & Lodging Association. As TH&LA’s CEO, Inman lobbied for issues supporting the hospitality industry. She is credited with building TH&LA’s strong membership base and political action fundraising capability.

    Inman has nearly 30 years of experience in the hospitality and trade association industry in leadership positions at the national and state level. In addition, she held executive positions in state government including two gubernatorial offices, tourist development, environment, and labor agencies. Inman also has more than 15 years’ experience working on political campaigns and 25 years in lobbying to the state legislature and members of Congress on tourism issues.

    A graduate of Tennessee State University, Inman earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and She is a graduate of the Institute for Organizational Management at the University of Notre Dame, received the designation of Certified Association Executive from the American Society of Association Executives, and earned the Certified Master Hotel Supplier designation from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.?Inman was named to the 2017 Top Women in Travel Industry Leadership list by Women in Travel & Tourism International.

    Inman resides in Washington, D.C., and Lexington, Kentucky. an NTA Leader

NTA relies heavily on member volunteers to assist in guiding the association and enhancing its programs. The Leadership Team members who serve on advisory groups, which are a vital link between the strategic direction set by the NTA Board of Directors and the NTA staff which implements the strategies. The bottom line: it all benefits the membership.

If you are interested in serving as a leadership volunteer, please the form below and email it?to?Morgan Maravich.

Morgan Maravich Photo

Interested in volunteering? Contact:Morgan Maravich [email protected]+1.859.264.6552

  • NTA has provided us the research and atmosphere to brainstorm new ways of doing things and fresh additions to trips, which has led to successful business development. Rachel Ranck, WorldStrides, NTA member since 1985
  • What NTA does is provide the right buyers. They provide the right people who make decisions. This is what makes this organization one I can’t afford to take off my list. John Stachnik CTP, Mayflower Tours, NTA member since 1979
  • I came to NTA to build a business, and that’s exactly what it did for us, as sales came in. For me, it’s the only outlet for new ideas. Matthew Squire, Select Travel Service (UK), NTA member since 2002
  • NTA membership and our attendance at the convention have provided us with more clients, more business relationships and more ideas. We are proud to belong to NTA. Daniele Panzarin, Target Travel (Italy), NTA member since 2007
  • The No. 1 member benefit of NTA has to be all the great professional and personal connections we’ve made over the past decade. Taunya Wolfe Finn, CTP, Wolfe Adventures & Tours, NTA member since 2005
  • We have not found a more reliable, more profitable or more consistent tourism venue in which to acquire new business than NTA. Diane Hohnstein, Hospitality Management Services, NTA member since 1999
  • I believe attending the NTA conferences allow me to create valuable relationships and work together with U.S. operators in creating great Scotland product. Maggie Anderson, VisitScotland, NTA member since 2003
  • NTA events provide us with beneficial networking with many top tour operators. It’s national and international in scope providing a global perspective. Tim and Elaine Moulder, Brilliant Edventures, NTA member since 2015
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